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Industrial Shrink Wrap + Scaffold Shrink Wrap

Available certified Flame Retardant, or non-FR for all your shrink wrapping requirements

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Sustainable Wrapping Solutions

Scaffold Shrink Wrap / Industrial Shrink Wrap, ideal for applications in industries such as construction, marine and transportation.

Available certified Flame Retardant, or non-FR for 

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Ecoshrink 12m x 50m packed and ready
Ecoshrink FR 300 micron 7m x 15m
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Scaffold Shrink Wrap for Scaffolding and Construction

At Ecoshrink, we specialise in providing top scaffold shrink wrap solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction sites and renovations. Our scaffold shrink wrap products deliver a robust and reliable temporary containment system, ensuring that your construction projects are protected against the elements, dust, and debris.

Robust Protection:

Our shrink wrap creates a tight, form-fitting barrier around scaffolding structures, safeguarding your project from weather-related delays and maintaining a dry work environment for increased productivity.


Made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, our shrink wrap is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, resisting tears and punctures for enduring performance.

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Custom Fit:

The versatility of shrink wrap allows for seamless application to any scaffold design, size, or shape, providing a tailored and secure enclosure for any construction project.

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Modular & Transport Industrial Shrink Wrap

When it comes to transporting modular units / pods, safeguarding your assets against the perils of transit should be top priority. We are proud to offer shrink wrapping solutions that provide impenetrable protection for your modular constructions and goods during storage and transportation. Our advanced industrial shrink wrap is engineered to withstand the test of movement, exposure to the elements, and the abrasive nature of long hauls. By conforming to any shape and size, our wrap creates a resilient barrier that resists tearing and puncturing, ensuring that your modular pieces arrive at their destination in the same condition they left.

Marine Shrink Wrapping Solutions for Boat Building & Repairs

Step aboard with confidence as Ecoshrink sets the standard in marine shrink wrapping for the boating and shipyard industry. Our specialised marine shrink wrapping services cater to the unique needs of marine building and repair, protecting your nautical crafts at every stage of construction and maintenance.

Ecoshrink Machine Rolling
Ecoshrink Machine Rolling
Ecoshrink Industrial Shrink Wrap 300micron

Need An Installation Service?

If you would like your scaffold shrink wrap fully installed for you, we are partnered with ENCAPS Shrink Wrap, an experienced dedicated company specialising in wrapping scaffolding, construction sheeting and many other applications. Please click on the logo below to be safely directed to their website

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