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Welcome to Ecoshrink, home to Industrial & Scaffold Shrink Wrap Supply

Updated: Jan 4

A quick intro to the two types of shrink wrap we'll be offering

As a company, we are not looking at stocking hundreds of different sizes and thicknesses of shrink wrap, as although it might look good for our Shop, in the real world there is simply no need for such variety.

Industrial shrink wrap, Scaffold Shrink Wrap
Ecoshrink - Shrink Wrap Rolls

Industrial Shrink Wrap

Industrial shrink wrap is the most appropriate name for our shrink wrap, other common names are: heat shrink wrap, construction shrink wrap, heavy duty shrink wrap or shrink wrap covers.

All of these refer to the tough end of the shrink wrap market, the complete opposite end than that of pallet type or cling film style shrink wraps.

Typically in the 200-250micron thickness range, this type of shrink wrap is geared more towards Transportation Protection, Storage Covers, Marine Vessel Protection and other types of Asset Protection.

Typically this type of Industrial Shrink Wrap is not Flame Retardant

Scaffold Shrink Wrap

Similar to the above, with some differences.

Scaffold Shrink Wrap will generally be 300micron thick, this type of shrink wrap is geared more towards more long term construction projects, very commonly used to wrap scaffolding for a variety of common construction projects such as re-roofing, cladding, demolitions, refurbishments, etc.

Scaffold shrink wrap is commonly requested in Flame Retardant form, especially if the is sensitive. However it is not always a requirement, there may be many circumstances where Non-FR is suitable, such as storage shelters.

Buy Shrink Wrap

If you've made it this far, nice!

Perhaps you would like to take a look at our Shop, for either Scaffold shrink wrap thickness spec, or instead a more industrial shrink wrap thickness, depending on your project requirements.

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